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VM Chimneys is born in 1993, due to the need to fill a gap in the Portuguese market, in the production of pipes and fittings in stainless steel AISI 304 and 316 for chimneys. The experience in metalworking and heating systems has raised the company to a new level, revealing the level of quality and know-how of the company in the sector, completely revolutionizing the national market.
It would take 15 years of continuous development and improvement until its products were duly certified in 2008, complying with the Construction Products Directive, being the 1st Portuguese company with CE mark in Metallic Chimneys according to EN 1856.
Currently, VM Chimneys holds the status of a leading brand in chimney systems in the Portuguese market, and is currently designing its brand and products in the international market.
The wide range of products, from exhaust and ventilation systems, through the generator, cogeneration and HVAC industry, from housing to industrial, complemented by speed of delivery, standardized stocks and the production of articles to suit any situation, allows to its clients the ideal partnership in their projects.



VM Chimneys mission is to produce, promote and provide solutions for chimney systems, always ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.


Always take a proactive attitude, sustained rigor, quality and innovation, able to create value and grow steadily in size and recognition. Continue to seek new levels of excellence that allow us to strengthen and create new partnerships at the national and international markets.


Ambition: search for improvement and achieve levels of excellence;
Ethics: promote equal opportunities; promoting ethics and transparency in business;
Cooperation: To promote team spirit and good working environment.

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